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We were at Game - Krugersdorp Keywest Shopping Centre.It started on Sunday morning me and my husband went to buy curtains and safety gate lock when we came to the till the price was not the same that was on the shelfes.

They did not want to give us the prices that was on the shelfes because there excuse was that it was placed on the wrong place. My husband asked for the manager and the sales guy said cant we see the shop is very busy. We just turned around and walked out. The monday we went back my husband wanted to buy computer stand and the sales rep said sorry out of stock but no where on the goods it was stated that is was out of stock.

On the Tuesday we went back to look at a wall unit and computer stand. The sales man said again that they are out of stock but they will get again but does not know when. We asked to see the manager. It took the manager 10 min or more to come to us while he was approching as he was chating to his co workers and laughing.

We told him what the problem was and that we want to see the manager of the shop he then phoned someone and spoke in is own language that we could not understand. I told him to speak English that we can also understand. He just looked at us and went on in his own language. We waited and waited and no one came, then there were 2 black ladies and 1 white lady standing against the wall seeing everything that has happend and one of the black ladies came to us and asked what was going on.

we told her that we were waiting to see manager of the shop the other guy that is suppose to be a manager or supervisor phoned someone and then turned arount and walked away with out telling us what is going on. She tried to assist us then the other guy came back and there was still no shop manager so i said just leave it I will contact Game. As we walked away the one black lady said that the manager of the shop is Antoinette so we went to the Custemer service and asked them to please call her. When she arrived there I saw that is was the same lady that was leaning against the wall with the other 2 black ladies.

I told her how can she lean against the wall and see what is happening and she does not even come to ask what is wrong.What type of a manager leans against the wall?

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